Comfy – Exclusive – 100% Handmade in Berlin
Milay is high fashion travelwear designed and 100% handmade in Berlin Kreuzberg. It’s for all who love a first class lifestyle, embrace their individuality and wanna be comfy but never in their comfort zone. All pieces are highly limited to guarantee you to stand out.


Mina Ekaterina Muraschkin
Fashion Designer and CEO

Mina took her first Flight at the age of three to emigrate from Kazakstan to Germany. Always dressing comfy but exceptional, appearances were her way to be special without people knowing her. That’s the feeling she is providing now. And for the record – she studied Fashion Design in Berlin, worked for Designers in New York and Germany and travelled the world as Costume Designer for Theatres and Dance Shows. 



Daniel Kwabena Asamoah
Art Director

Planes are his usual transportations to work. As internationally booked dancer and Creative Director he fits the Milay target group a 100%. With his sense for esthetics, movement and music he advises in the design process, creates beats and directs videos for Milay. 


Christina Greiner
Branding Director

Jet setting is a big part of her lifestyle. Studying Apparel Merchandising and Design in the US she startet to gain essential experience which make her now an expert in the fashion market, especially in streetwear. She works for big fashion companies and is always up to date with the latest trends and marketing tools.


Ala Hadji
Head of Tailoring

As a teenager Ala travelled far to live a better life in Germany. Today Ala is a master tailor and owns her own workshop in Berlin Kreuzberg. With her knowledge and experience in tailoring she oversees the pattern making process and supervises the production. You can shop some unique Milay pieces at her workshop and take a look at how Milay pieces are made.


Lisa Klingner
Head of Media

If it’s not comfy Lisa won’t buy it. As a Webdesigner and Dancer she travels a lot and is always between important meetings with clients and dance rehearsals for shows or videos. Her desire for comfortable but sophisticated and exclusive fits makes her understand the Brand Identity of Milay and therefore she creates the perfect esthetic for our online appearance.